American Clay

American Clay

Say NO to Faux and YES to plaster!!

Faux painting and bold colored accents walls used to be a popular decorative detail for walls……but now it feels dated and totally out of style.   If you are looking to do something unique on your walls consider using American Clay.   Interior Visions is using this in almost all our latest projects and we are loving it!

It is natural, healthy, and totally gorgeous!  Yes, it is a bit pricier than traditional painted dry wall but you would be surprised at how little it will add to your budget and how much value it will add to your home.  If budget is a concern then just use this product in your most special rooms in the house…..great rooms and master bedrooms.

American Clay is non-toxic and is a healthy alternative to paint, wallpaper, cement, acrylic and gypsum plasters.  Choose from five plaster finishes, hundreds of colors, unlimited textures, and a depth not found in other finishes.

Clay plasters help regulate humid air inside buildings by absorbing and releasing moisture naturally — responding to changes in the interior space. Warm to the touch in winter and cool to the touch in summer, our plasters bring healthier comfort to interior spaces.


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  • Easy to repair
  • Eliminates the need to repaint year after year
  • Resists dirt and grime
  • Lowest carbon footprint per pound of any interior wall finish
  • Creates a calming environment

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Product Features

100% natural

VOC-Free (Volatile Organic Compound)


Absorbs odors

Mold resistant

Temperature controlling

Moisture and humidity buffering


Resists fading due to natural mineral pigments